Ruby Stone Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Ruby Stone in Pakistan is Rs. 420 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,765.


Ruby is a stunning red coloured precious gem called "Yaqoot Rabbani" in Urdu. It is a rare and expensive stone that is one of the five cardinal precious gems. Ruby stone prices in Pakistan vary depending on the origin, clarity, colour, cut and size. Large-sized gem-quality red rubies are the rarest and are even more expensive than comparably sized diamonds. 


Rubies are available in colours ranging from dazzling red, purple, pink, yellow, orange to grey, green, brown and black. Red coloured rubies such as purplish red, deep scarlet and scintillating reddish pink are the most sought after the world over and available in beautiful shades of red like deep scarlet, dazzling reddish-pink and purplish red. Rubies are sold in carats, "ratti" or "tola" in Pakistan and India. They are found mostly in Asia but the rubies from Myanmar are the most valuable and expensive. They have the brightest and deepest red fluorescence which is called the pigeon's blood red. 

Benefits of Ruby Stone

Gemstone experts believe that rubies bring wealth, prosperity and wisdom to people who wear them. The gemstone also has several health benefits such as it prevents diseases and disorders related to the blood. The wearer will also benefit from its spiritual benefits as it is known to bring resilience, strength and courage to the owner. It is also worn as a birthstone for people born in the month of July.

Real Rubies Vs Fake

Most confuse garnets and rubies and can't tell them apart, despite their numerous dissimilarities. To see if the rubies are real, hold them to bright light and observe the shine and colour spectrum. Real rubies do not reflect green, orange or yellow colours as garnets tend to do. Also, real rubies shine a bright and blinding red colour that is similar to a traffic stop sign. Another test is the scratch test as with most precious gems. If the stone is easily broken or scratched, it is not real ruby. 

Ruby Stone Rings & Jewellery

Most people prefer to wear ruby studded in platinum, white gold or silver. Ruby stone necklaces, rings and matching earring sets are available on our website. Real rubies look dazzling in all types of jewellery such as bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings and other eastern style ornaments. 

Before buying real ruby stones make sure to consult a learned Astrologer. They are experts who can tell you whether any gem will suit you or will prove to be dangerous. 

Price List

Model Price
Oval Cut Red Ruby / yaqoot stone / Diamond cut Av… Rs. 990
Oval Cut Red Ruby / yaqoot stone / Diamond cut Av… Rs. 990
Real Ruby Stone Pure Chandi Ring for men's Rs. 5,499
Ruby Emerald & Sapphire Stone Tops HB-624 Rs. 2,400
Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire Stone Silver Ring HB-591 Rs. 2,500
Ruby Stone HB-5 Rs. 3,140
Ruby Stone Silver Ring HB-592 Rs. 2,500
Ruby Stone HB-401 Rs. 2,850
Ruby Stone Silver Ring HB-583 Rs. 2,550
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