Russell Hobbs Juicer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Russell Hobbs Juicer in Pakistan is Rs. 4,420 and estimated average price is Rs. 12,034.


A great step towards a healthy lifestyle, the Russell Hobbs Juicer lets you to extract juice from all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Lots of people regularly drink juice as a healthy alternative to other drinks.


If you want to have a good juicer at home the Russell Hobbs Juicer is a choice to consider. This juicer will help you extract juice in minutes from your favourite fruits and vegetables as well.

The Russell Hobbs Juicer has different speeds that you can use depending on what fruit or vegetable you are processing through it. The chute is large so one can get larger pieces in with ease.

The brand makes stylish juicers that have a neat spout from where the juice comes out. The pulp is separated into a pulp container, this can be later used in baking or even for sauces. Pulp is an important part of fruit which should be used.

The steel blades inside the Russell Hobbs Juicer can be removed with ease, making the juicer a quick clean.

One can use the Russell Hobbs Juicer at home or it can be gotten to for any other space that one would like to use it in.

Price List

Model Price
Russell Hobbs 20365-56 Aura Juice Extractor Rs. 10,080
Russell Hobbs 22880-56 Explore Juicer Rs. 8,400
Russell Hobbs 24740 Desire Juicer Rs. 15,800
Russell Hobbs 25710 Velocity Jug Blender Rs. 11,160
Russell Hobbs 24741-56 Horizon Juicer Rs. 16,560
Russell Hobbs 22700-56 3 In 1 Ultimate Juicer Rs. 21,390
Russell Hobbs 22760-56 Classics Citrus Press Rs. 4,430
Russell Hobbs 22700-56 3 In 1 Ultimate Juicer Rs. 25,670
Russell Hobbs 18996-56 Desire Jug Blender Rs. 8,100
Russell Hobbs 21510-56 Aura Chopper & Blender Rs. 6,610
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