Russell Hobbs Sandwich Maker Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Russell Hobbs Sandwich Maker in Pakistan is Rs. 4,890 and estimated average price is Rs. 7,334.


A Russell Hobbs Sandwich Maker can make your sandwich making a lot easier. With non-stick plates inside and a timer to make sure your sandwich is done just right, this sandwich maker takes only minutes to have your snack ready.


The Russell Hobbs Sandwich Maker comes in a few variations. The first is the simple standard one which has space for two sandwiches. A second one is larger and has room for four sandwiches in one go.

Another option is the one that has swappable plates, this means you can change it to a panini plate or a waffle plate. This makes your Russell Hobbs Sandwich Maker versatile, allowing you to make multiple snacks.

You can use the sandwich maker to make savoury sandwiches with meat and cheese or make dessert sandwiches that have bananas and chocolate.

The non-stick plates make it easier to clean as well, aside from making it easy to take out your sandwich.

Price List

Model Price
Russell Hobbs 17936-56 Cook Home Sandwich Maker Rs. 4,890
Russell Hobbs 17936-56 Cook Home Sandwich Maker Rs. 5,870
Russell Hobbs Cook Home Sandwich Maker (17936-56)… Rs. 8,729
Russell Hobbs 24540 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker Rs. 9,850
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