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The best price of Saeed Ghani in Pakistan is Rs. 55 and estimated average price is Rs. 379.


These skincare and beauty products are economical and have easy on your pocket prices. They are all-natural remedies taken from age-old ethnic-cultural traditions found in South Asia. They are a far better choice for those consumers who are mindful of spending on beauty products and would like to save money. They are environmentally friendly options that are without animal cruelty and vegetarian alternatives to animal-based collagen formulas.

Pros & Cons


  • Economical¬†

  • Natural and vegetarian¬†

  • Local¬†

  • Halal


  • Results will only be visible after regular use for several weeks.

  • May not suit all skin types


Skincare & Beauty 

Saeed Ghani has had a presence in this region since 1888. Now available in Pakistan all of Saeed Ghani's products have ingredients that are locally sourced and organic. They are an affordable chemical-free alternative to commercial skin and beauty treatments available in Pakistan. The remedies are tailored to sensitive skin types including creams for skincare, natural eyeliners, face fresheners, face masks and face wash. Cheaper alternative to expensive salon beauty treatments. 

Product Types & Prices in Pakistan 

Henna also is known as Mehndi is used in their hair care products. Saeed Ghani has various oils, scrubs and cleaners, herbal shampoos and facial masks that are widely available in an economical price range.

The lotions and aromatherapies are fruit and vegetable-based. The hair tonics and soaps can be used daily. The Ubtan line is especially popular with Pakistani brides as it has been historically used to improve complexion through its blend of Ayurvedic herbs and natural ingredients.  

These prices are a welcome change from the expensive chemical loaded products available in the Pakistani department store beauty retail that leave hair damaged and thin. Other combinations include Neem Combo for Rs 500, Healthy Hair Rs 750, Tarchup Combo Rs 600, Rose Water Spray with Sandal Wood Powder (120ml - 25gm) for only Rs 275 and other great combination offers. 

Women are usually wearing uncomfortable footwear which can be damaging to their heels, with the Cracked Heel Repair Cream for Rs 400 you can heal your heels back to being soft and smooth with this pain-free remedy without spending on expensive pedicures. 

Face Wash 

Saeed Ghani products include the Goat Milk face wash that is a gentle and non-abrasive cleanser. The Face Wash selection includes Cucumber, Aloe vera, Neem, Rose and Lime cleaning dirt off the skin without drying it out. It guarantees a soft and supple texture.

On popular demand in Pakistan, the face wash named Doctor Skin Face Wash Whitening Complex is made for those looking to improve their skin complexion. The entire face wash selection is designed to be delicate and mild on the skin with an elegant aroma. It suits all skin types, deeply cleans pores around the T-Zone removing excess oil, skin toxins and effectively preventing whelks and acne. It leaves the skin firm, refreshed and relaxed.


Oils have been an integral part of many age-old remedies some of these include Almond Oil Rs 400 available online that is beneficial for both skin and hair. Saeed Ghani oils nourish the hair and smooth split ends. They improve hair growth and thickness while adding shine and lustre back to damaged dry hair. It specially controls hair fall. When used on the skin it balances the complexion and makes skin glow. When used as moisturiser oils deeply soothe skin irritation and inflammation. All these benefits delay the ageing process of the skin while lightening dark patches on the body and darken eye circles. During winter they remedy chapped lips and body rashes.

Combination Skincare Packages 

Disaar Advanced Skin Care has a product specially made for the eyes called The Eye Masdue Wrinkle Erasing only for Rs 50. It works immediately as directions are simple to place them directly beneath each eye and keep them in place for 15 minutes with your favourite Saeed Ghani Face Mask. After 15 minutes remove them and for even better results apply the product called Revolutionary Rejuvenate Eye Serum.

Saeed Ghani has created combination packages of their products when you buy a Gaysu Mughziat Shampoo (200ml) you also get a Mughziat Oil (100ml) and an additional non-greasy Hair Growth Water for only Rs 750. 


Saeed Ghani has a wide range of natural perfumes called Attar or Ittar that are a popular speciality of Saeed Ghani. Other popular products are the Keratin Silkiness Shine Serum for Rs 1000 is guaranteed to revive damaged hair to a luscious strong strength. 

Price List

Model Price
Oud Misali Rs. 720
Oud Dubai Rs. 500
Almond Oil Rs. 180
Dunhill Desire (Our Impression) Rs. 990
Saeed Ghani Goat Milk Soap 90gm Rs. 200
Polo Black Rs. 450
Saeed Ghani Rose Oil, 50ml Rs. 300
Aqua Di Gio Men Attar Rs. 510
Bundle of 4 Soaps at the price of 3 Rs. 728
Saeed Ghani Non Sticky Black Seed Oil 100ml Rs. 280
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