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The best price of Saeed Ghani Attar in Pakistan is Rs. 500 and estimated average price is Rs. 597.


The Saeed Ghani Attar range is very diverse, with options that are imitations of known scents and other concoctions that are their own formulations. Attar is a purer form of perfume and has a strong and lasting scent.


Saeed Ghani Attars have a lot of options that one can choose from. Attar is a purer form of perfume, made by mixing essential oils and ageing them. Famously, Ibn Sina was the person who derived attar from flowers via distillation.

Attar is a non-alcoholic perfume which is why a lot of people in Muslim countries prefer his form of scent, it is also a Sunnat to put on attar.

At Saeed Ghani, the attar range is vast. One can find many options that are imitations of known perfumes and colognes. Aside from that the brand also has options that are their own formulations. The Saeed Ghani Attars come in small vials.

Saeed Ghani Attars are concentrated and strong, lasting long and having quite a lot of sillage as well.

Price List

Model Price
Givenchy For Men Rs. 500
Fawakwh Makkah Rs. 800
Dior J'adore Attar Rs. 600
Poison Attar Rs. 600
Lacoste Red Rs. 500
Gucci Guilty Men Attar Rs. 600
Aventus Creed Rs. 650
Oud Makkah Rs. 800
Ck One Attar Rs. 600
Romance Women Rs. 600
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