Saeed Ghani Perfumes Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Saeed Ghani Perfumes in Pakistan is Rs. 1,350 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,816.


Saeed Ghani understands the Islamic traditions and guidelines making sure all their products are 100% Halal for their customers. The hundreds of Saeed Ghani perfumes offer a wide range of natural perfumes based on the formulation of Attar or Ittar based fragrance that is long-lasting and Halal.


Natural & Organic 

Saeed Ghani has had a presence in this region since 1888. Now available in Pakistan all of Saeed Ghani's products have ingredients that are locally sourced and organic. They are an affordable chemical-free alternative to commercial skin and beauty treatments available in Pakistan.


The perfume and aroma remedies are tailored to sensitive skin types including creams for skincare, natural eyeliners, face fresheners, face masks and face wash. A cheaper alternative to expensive salon beauty treatments. More than 600 perfumes available in small concentrated oils that can be applied t the wrists, behind the ears, neck and clothes for long-lasting fragrance. The ingredients are botanical and plant-based including jasmine rose and other flowers.

Essential Oils & Exotic Botanical Fragrances

The precious essential oils extracted from flowers are balanced with eastern spices, musk, bark and resins that give a complex set of top, middle and base notes that can last for several hours. The 12ML bottle for expensive and midrange Saeed Ghani perfumes can last for a very long time and has a timeless shelf life making it an ideal gift for friends and family. 

Oud Collection

The expensive range includes Oud Combodi and Oud Kindi that are rich and luxurious fragrances inspired by Arab opulence and royalty. For those looking for fragrances a little less expensive can opt for the Oud Amber, Dehnul Oud, Silk Musk and Oud Mukhalat. Each Oud has a distinct list of ingredients and balance that transports you to a fresh and festive environment. 

Gift Sets

Perfumes are enjoyed during festive holidays in Pakistan and Ramzan when people are getting together for Iftars enjoying spending time with family. There are many affordable Oud perfumes available along with boxed perfumes in fancy beautiful bottles that can be purchased for yourself or as gifts for men and women. 

Price List

Model Price
Ghilaf E Kaaba Rs. 1,600
Fusion For Women Rs. 1,925
Oud Taif Rs. 1,800
Arabian Oud Rs. 2,000
Ser Al Anotha Rs. 1,925
Saeed Ghani Unisex Perfume Rs. 1,999
Mukhalat Arabian Night Rs. 2,000
Hajre Aswad Rs. 1,800
Um-e-Sakeena Rs. 2,125
Safa Marwa Rs. 1,800
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