Saeed Ghani Ubtan Jasmine Oil Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Saeed Ghani Ubtan Jasmine Oil in Pakistan is Rs. 200 and estimated average price is Rs. 200.


Saeed Ghani Ubtan Jasmine Oil is a potent hair oil made from natural and safe ingredients. It promotes hair growth, helps control hair fall and also soothes headaches and anxiety. There are other multiple benefits of using this oil that you can read below. The price of a 100 ml Saeed Ghani Ubtan Jasmine Oil bottle is below PKR 500 at most online stores. Suitable for all.


Natural Product

The Ubtan Jasmine Oil by Saeed Ghani is made out of fresh jasmine flowers. The Jasmine flowers are long used in traditional Chinese medicines and their oil is used for promoting hair growth and for multiple skin ailments.

Safe Ingredients

There are no added chemicals or strong artificial fragrances. The oil can be used by anyone without worrying about allergies or side effects as it is a product made out of pure and natural ingredients.

Pleasant Fragrance

Since there are no artificial fragrances or chemicals added to this product, it has a very pleasant and light scent. It smells of fresh jasmine flowers and is not too overpowering or strong.

Controls Dandruff

Using the Saeed Ghani Ubtan Jasmine Oil can help those struggling with dandruff issues. It nourishes the scalp and prevents it from going dry or dehydrated. This helps with controlling dandruff and scalp flakiness.

Treat Damaged Hair

Dry and damaged hair can also benefit from Ubtan Jasmine oil as it helps make the hair shaft smooth and supple. It nourishes the hair, giving it ample moisturize and hydration preventing breakage and damage.

Controls Hairfall

Jasmine oil is known for its anti-microbial properties. It kills the bacteria on the scalp that cause hair fall and also helps restore hair health. This way hair fall is controlled and one can achieve healthy and thick hair with regular use.

Strong & Shiny Hair

Using Saeed Ghani Ubtan Jasmine Oil will help make the hair shiny and silky. It also strengthens the hair from root to tip, protecting it from environmental stressors like pollution, wind and sun damage.

Relieves Headache & Anxiety

Massaging the head with Saeed Ghani Ubtan Jasmine Oil can help one get rid of mild headaches. It also relieves anxiety as the pleasant fragrance calms down the nerves, improves blood flow to the head and helps one relax.

How To Use

Gently massage some oil into the head and temples. Cover all the scalp and make sure to apply some oil to the hair shaft as well to smoothen it. Let the oil sit for a few hours and then wash off with a mild shampoo.

Although the Ubtan Jasmine Oil by Saeed Ghani is enough to be used on its own, one can always experiment with other natural ingredients to amp up the benefits. For best results mix some argan oil, vitamin E oil, coconut oil and Saeed Ghani Ubtan Jasmine Oil in a bowl. Apply the oil mixture to the hair and massage gently into the scalp.

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Ubtan Jasmine Oil Rs. 200
Ubtan Jasmine Oil Rs. 200
Ubtan Jasmine Oil Rs. 200
Ubtan Jasmine Oil Rs. 200
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