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Generally, kajal is white, but one can also get it in white from different brands. One of the options is Saeed Ghani White Kajal Pencil. It has a soft texture, making it easy to apply and is also smudge-proof, helping it last.


Saeed Ghani White Kajal Pencil is a white kajal that has a deep colour, giving off a good amount of colour even with a single stroke. It can last up to 14 hours, meaning you get ample time.

It is a smudge-proof option that also does not irritate the eyes. Saeed Ghani White Kajal Pencil is made from a mix of olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin D and other essentials.

The texture of Saeed Ghani White Kajal Pencil is smooth and the silky formulation makes it a lot easier to apply without being abrasive against the skin.

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