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Safety jackets are of two kinds, swimming safety life jackets and safety jackets for visibility. These are important in their respective uses and can be lifesaving attire. The price of a safety jacket varies, depending on the type and where it is made.


Safety Jacket

A term that can apply to two kinds of jackets, one is the swimming safety life jacket and the other is the safety jacket worn to be clearly visible such as the ones worn by traffic police officers.

Swimming Safety Life Jacket

These jackets are made with materials that are buoyant and keep the wearer afloat in water. Some are the kind which one has to fill air into and the trapped air is what keeps the wearer afloat.

Unless one is an accomplished swimmer these are recommended for water sporting activities, especially if you are to be farther from land. The distance can be very challenging and one could get into serious trouble if they get too tired to swim all the way back. With a safety life jacket, one could float and rest for a bit.

Safety life jackets are available in various sizes and colours.

Safety Jacket for Visibility

This kind of safety jacket is made in bright colours, mostly it is a bright neon green or a bright neon orange. These colours can be seen a mile away. To add even more clarity a lot of safety jackets have strips of reflective material on them that shines when it is hit by light from cars. The ones with this silver reflective tape are ANSI rated.

These safety jackets are also known as Hi-Vis safety jackets. Hi-Vis stands for 'high visibility. Certain jobs require these to be used by law, although that may not be the case in Pakistan.


Given the situation, either of these safety jackets can be life-saving.

The price of safety jackets varies depending on the specific type, material and also where it is made. Prices can range from the lower end all the way to the top end of the spectrum.

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