Samsol Hair Color Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Samsol Hair Color in Pakistan is Rs. 153 and estimated average price is Rs. 208.


Samsol is an internationally known hair color brans that originally started as a hair oil business in 1962. It is noted to have been awarded Superbrands Award in 2011 and 2012 along with being the running winner of Brands of the Year Award from 2009 to 2014. The successful Samsol Hair Color Fashion Range has over 20 hair shades that will leave your hair feeling natural and salon ready.


Colourising & Haircare Treatments

The color hair shades offered by Samsol include a range of Burgundy, Brown, Blonde and Red tones. The treatment if ammonia free which ensures that hair remains soft and natural without losing its original hydration. The formula is enriched with Coconut Oil in order to return the hair's natural shine and promote hair growth. Samsol is an innovator and pioneer in the cosmetics industry of Pakistan as it has expanded its product range to cosmetics, health care and beauty products. Their products include dental and skincare treatment for men and women.

The Samsol Shampoo can be used to follow up any colourisation treatments that promote voluminous hair while keeping the hair color fresh for weeks. It has a gentle formulation that improves the health of hair roots preventing hair loss. The strong potent egg protein in the formula nourishes and strengthen the hair while returning shine. It has a two in one formula that includes hair conditioning to tame frizz and keep hair feeling silky. 

The original haircare product of Samsol is the Oil that is anti-dandruff formula that soothes split-ends prevents hair fall. There are also Shaving Creams, Perfumed Talcum Powder, Depilatory Creams and Lotions by Samsol for men and women. 

Price List

Model Price
Samsol Hair Colour - 8 Burgundy - 50ml Rs. 240
Samsol Hair Colour - 4 Light Brown - 50ml Rs. 240
Samsol Hair Colour - 42 Natural Brown - 50ml Rs. 240
Samsol Hair Color Fashion Range 18 Natural Black … Rs. 169
Samsol Fashion Range Hair Colour, 12 Beige Blonde Rs. 230
Samsol Hair Colour - 8 Burgundy - 50ml Rs. 240
Samsol Hair Colour - 4 Light Brown - 50ml Rs. 240
Samsol Hair Colour - 1 Black - 50ml Rs. 240
Samsol Hair Colour - 18 Natural Black - 50 ml Rs. 230
Samsol Hair Color Fashion Range 1 Black 140g Rs. 169
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