Samsung Led 32 Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Samsung Led 32 in Pakistan is Rs. 27,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 44,198.


Just like their smartphones, Samsung incorporates advanced technology into its LED TVs and continuously introduces significant upgrades. A bit on the expensive side, Samsung LED 32 inch TVs are available at varied prices in Pakistan. Compare prices and features at Shopsy and find the best deal that fits your needs.

Pros & Cons


  • Compact

  • Nice designs

  • Advanced technology


  • Lacks 4K and above displays

  • Only available in HD and HD Ready


Samsung LED 32 inch Models

The simple High Definition Samsung 32 inch LED series showcases quality enhancing features such as PurColor, Micro Dimming Pro, Contrast Enhancer and Ultra clean view, ensuring an enriched viewing experience. Full HD Samsung LED TVs allow for more detail in dark and bright scenes. The DesignSlim edge mould makes the tv appear thin and compact.

3D Full HD Flat TV EH6030 Series 6

This model is from the higher end 6 series and allows for 3D content viewing in true 1080p resolution. The TV also includes 3D FHD Glasses. This model is integrated with a Video Chipset that is capable of converting 2D images into gorgeous 3D effects, enabling you to view all your HD content in an extra dimension. The Explore 3D Application lets you enjoy over 100 free 3D titles that it includes.

Full HD Flat Smart TV N5300 Series 5

Samsung Smart TV features SmartThings app support, this model belongs to the 5 series and comes with WIFI connectivity and Smart capabilities.

Full HD Flat TV N5000 Series 5

This model is almost like the N5300 but without the Smart support. It offers the basic functionality of an LED tv but doesn't feature WIFI connectivity options.

Common Features of Samsung LED 32 inch TVs

Samsung is synonymous with reliable and high-quality electronics. It is famous for manufacturing innovative and feature-packed products and also for producing incredibly high-quality TVs. 

1. HDR Display

You can watch HDR content on your 32 inch Samsung LED TV. It delivers enhanced details with better clarity and rich colour expression. Samsung HD TV gives you more accurate details in bright and dark scenes. The 32-inch models support HDR10 content only.

2. Ultra Clean View

This feature uses an advanced algorithm that analyzes original content and displays it with utmost clarity.  Ultra Clean View delivers distortion-free higher quality images so you can enjoy a crisp and bright picture.

3. PurColor

PurColor technology refers to the pure and natural-looking colours displayed by Samsung LEDs. The TVs deliver sharp yet natural colours with crisp details so you get to have a more colourful viewing experience.

4. Micro Dimming Pro

This technology gives you a rich shadow detail and colour. The mechanism behind the technology segregates the screen into zones, separating blacks from whites. Micro Dimming Pro analyzes all the zones and enhances them to make blacks deeper and whites purer.

5. SmartThings App

The SmartThings app packed in Samsung LED 32 inch TVs allows screen mirroring and remote control from your smartphone. You can seamlessly connect Samsung smart devices and sync your photos using the Samsung Cloud for viewing them on your Samsung LED.

Other Samsung LED TV Sizes & Display Quality

Though a 32-inch model will be an economical choice, better viewing comes with bigger display sizes and resolution. If you are not tight on budget, you might want to consider better LEDs by Samsung that provide more immersive viewing. Ranging from simple HD, Full HD, UHD 4K to the amazing Premium UHD 4K, 4K/8K OLED and the latest 2019 QLED 8K TV, Samsung LEDs are brimming with amazing features and a wide range of options to choose from.

UHD 4K Samsung LED TVs

These TVs possess a variety of super awesome features such as the UHD processor, HDR, Smart Hub, One Remote Function and slim design. The UHD processor is specially built to orchestrate colour, optimize high contrast ratio, and master HDR, that too by a single chip! The Smart Hub and Samsung One Remote allow for placing all your required content at your fingertips. The Premium UHD 4K Samsung LED TVs feature the HDR Elite function that showcases a wide range of brightness levels, allowing for amazing picture clarity and visibility even in the darkest and the brightest scenes. The integrated HDR 10+ uses advanced HDR technology, efficiently optimizing every scene for a clearer and deeper HDR expression. For hardcore gamers, this series of Samsung LED TVs brings the Game Mode, providing the best gaming environment without any input delay.

QLED 8K Samsung LED TVs

The super amazing QLED 8K Samsung LED TVs come with a real 8K resolution experience. The AI Upscaling used in these TVs has the tendency to give the picture a lifelike feel. Equipped with a powerful Quantum 8K Processor paired with Quantum HDR 32X, the picture and video quality on your Samsung LED gives a true reflection of the brilliance of 8K. The lifelike scenes on the TV immerse you into the cosmic depths of realism as the rich and precise details make you feel like you are strolling through every scene yourself. It is like being able to almost touch the presence of the characters in the pictures and videos. The QLED 8K Samsung LED TVs use AI-powered machine learning to effectively lower image noise, increase detail and sharpen edges around objects and text for an amazing pixel-less viewing experience.


Size 32 inches
Resolution 1,366 x 768, Full HD
Dimensions 737.4 x 465.4 x 150.5 mm
Convergence Mobile to TV - Mirroring, DLNA & WIFI Direct
Colour Hairline Black
Ports 2 x HDMI + 1 x USB

Price List

Model Price
Samsung UA32K5100AR 32″ LED HD-Ready TV Rs. 46,500
Samsung 32" Full HD LED TV (32N5000) - Without Wa… Rs. 35,489
Samsung 32M5000 32″ Full HD LED TV Rs. 31,500
Samsung UA32K5100AR 32″ LED HD-Ready TV Rs. 46,500
Samsung N5000 Full HD Flat TV 5 Series 32 Inch Rs. 40,999
Samsung Malaysian Smart LED TV 32 Inches Rs. 27,500
Samsung 32 Inches Rs. 51,900
Samsung 32″ 32T5300 FHD/HD LED TV Rs. 49,999
Samsung N5300 Full HD Flat TV 5 Series 32 inch Rs. 43,999
Samsung 32 Inch HD Flat Smart TV (T5300) Rs. 47,999
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