Samsung Smart Watches Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Samsung Smart Watches in Pakistan is Rs. 20,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 50,408.


One of the best consumer electronics brands in the world, Samsung has a huge catalogue of products. This also includes smartwatches that fit very well alongside their leading product, smartphones. These are ideal for people who want quick notifications, health trackers and a lot more. The Samsung smart watch range has multiple options and these are also among the best one can get in the market. These are based on the Linux software which is also what Android is based on. The price of Samsung smart watches is high, but they are packed with features.


A market leader in the portable device segment of electronics, Samsung has also ventured into wearables. With a wide range of smartwatches, one can choose from. The Samsung smartwatches are a lot more organic looking, unlike the Apple Watch which looks futuristic. This gives Samsung an edge as their watches can be a lot easier to fit in with one's clothes.

Based on Linux, Samsung smartwatches work with Android devices only. The display is a touchscreen so one can easily use the device. With AMOLED powered displays that are bright and crisp. There are three different lines, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Galaxy Watch Active and Gear Sport.

Features of Samsung smartwatches

The watch face can be changed, this can be anything from just numeric representation or a watch face that looks like a classic watch with movements.

Smartwatches are a great way to keep an eye on your health. They feature heart monitors, sleep trackers and the newer ones even have ECG systems. Some models can also keep track of blood oxygen levels and use small electric pulses so to assess body composition. This lets one get information on skeletal muscle mass, fat mass, body fat percentage, body mass index, body water mass and basal metabolic rate. This feature should not be used if one has a pacemaker or if they are pregnant, as the electric pulses can be harmful in these conditions.

They can also keep an eye on activities such as swimming, running, cycling and more. This lets one track their progress and manage stress better. You can also easily view your notifications without taking your smartphone out. This is a great way to screen calls and messages while one is busy or doesn't have a hand free to check. Calls can also be answered over the smartwatch as it has a built-in mic.

Some models also feature trip detection in case an elder person is wearing it and has a fall, the watch can send out emergency notifications to pre-set numbers. Samsung smartwatches also have waterproofing, this lets one use them for shallow-water activities such as swimming or being in a river.

The various models have a few buttons to execute actions and a bezel that can be used to navigate. Some have a digital bezel, this means the outer rim of the touchscreen can be used similar to a bezel, making for easy and quick navigation.

Certain models also feature LTE abilities, which means they can have a microSIM inserted into them and function similar to a phone. The batteries on these smartwatches are long-lasting and certain models feature wireless charging making it easy to charge them. 

Form factor

The Samsung Gear is the largest of the options, with Active and Sport being a bit smaller. The design of the Gear watches is more like conventional watches that we are used to. Active is a sleek, simple design without a bezel and Sport is similar but with a bit more sporty trims to it.

Strap options vary, one can opt for vegan leather or silicone straps. The colours are endless and there are a lot of straps produced by third party brands as well. This lets one customise their watch somewhat. There are also straps that have patterns or comic characters on them. 


The weight of Samsung smartwatches is light enough for them to be comfortable for extended wear. The price of Samsung's smartwatches is high, these are among the best available ones on the market and the price reflects that. The build quality is also high, making for a sturdy device that can last long.

Price List

Model Price
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro R920 Smart Watch 45mm Rs. 85,100
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 R870 Smart Watch 44mm Bla… Rs. 35,500
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 R910 Smart Watch 44mm Rs. 54,499
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm Stainless Ste… Rs. 41,999
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Rs. 39,999
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Rs. 44,999
Samsung Galaxy R870 Watch 4 44mm Rs. 41,999
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 40mm SM-R900 Rs. 55,499
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46mm Stainless Ste… Rs. 52,999
Samsung Watch 4 Classic 46mm (Black, Silver) Rs. 50,000
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