Samsung Sound Bar Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Samsung Sound Bar in Pakistan is Rs. 34,405 and estimated average price is Rs. 87,879.


A sound bar is ideal for use with a TV, adding a lot more sound to one's entertainment. Samsung produces a range of sound bar options, letting one choose something based on their needs and budget. These sound bars come with multiple connectivity options so one can use different devices conveniently.


Samsung produces some of the top tier electronics for various segments of the market. This includes the entertainment segment, in line with which the brand also has a range of sound bars. These speakers are made for use with TVs as a lot of TVs have thin speakers which do not have enough of a kick. A sound bar adds more to one's movie experience by expanding the sound and also proving more bass with its subwoofer combo.

The design of Samsung sound bars is simple, with black being the standard colour. The size is roughly a meter across and the shape, as the name suggests, is bar-like.

Features of Samsung Sound Bars

Samsung has created sound profiles one can choose from, this optimises the sound for what one is watching or listening to. Profiles include Movie, Sports, Music and more.

Some sound bars come with more satellite speakers as well, this allows one to have a wider sonic space. The audio decoding is done using Dolby technology, various versions of it are available depending on the model. The satellite speakers are up-firing and connected wirelessly, keeping the clutter to a minimum.


The sound bars from Samsung have wireless capabilities based on Bluetooth or WiFi. This makes it super convenient to connect to TVs as well as other media players such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. Meaning one could use their Samsung sound bar for music or YouTube even.

Aside from this Samsung sound bars have a 3.5mm audio jack, USB playback and optical cable porting as well. The specific mix of connectivity options can vary, depending on the model.


Certain models also have Alexa built-in; adding another layer of convenience to one's device.

Samsung sound bars come with a remote at times and others can also be controlled with a Samsung TV remote, making one's life easier with fewer remotes to have around.

The price of these sound bars ranges from the mid to the top level. With models that have more features and newer models being more costly.

Price List

Model Price
Samsung Sound Bar HW_A450 With Dolby Audio 300 Wa… Rs. 41,000
Samsung Sound Bar HW_A450 With Dolby Audio 300 Wa… Rs. 41,000
Samsung HW-A650 3.1ch Sound Bar Rs. 75,000
Samsung Sound Bar System Wireless (HW-R450) Rs. 34,405
Samsung HW-A450 2.1ch Sound bar Rs. 45,000
Samsung HW-Q70T 3.1.2ch Sound bar Rs. 93,750
Samsung Q950A Wireless Sound Bar 11.4Ch Dolby Atm… Rs. 284,999
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