Sandisk Usb 3.0 Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Sandisk Usb 3.0 in Pakistan is Rs. 750 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,861.


SanDisk produces a range of USB drives which have multiple options for storage size. The speeds also vary, some have a faster rate of transfer compared to others; a USB 3.0 would be considered a high-speed device. The designs vary but are all compact and simple; so as to keep the device efficient. The price of SanDisk USB devices is in the affordable ranges.



A part of Western Digital, SanDisk is the arm that deals with Flash Memory products. This includes various kinds of USBs that vary in storage size and USB standards as well.

SanDisk USB and the 3.0

The basic options between USBs start with the storage space and SanDisk has a range from a few GBs of space to a larger USB with more GBs for your use. After this one can decide what USB standard they want to purchase. This affects the transfer speeds. The transfer speeds vary from USB 1.0 up till USB 3.1, getting faster speeds as the versions move up the number scale. A USB has to be inserted into a port which shares the USB standard for it to work at the optimum possible speed. 

A 3.0 USB drive fro SanDisk has a transfer speed of 150MB/s, this does require you to insert it into the USB 3.0 port of your computer. If you do have that port it will allow you to transfer complete movies, music libraries and other files within seconds.

SanDisk also has models which have password protection to keep the data safe from being accessed randomly. Another possible variation is what type of USB port the USB drive can be inserted into, the brand has both Type-C USB as well as USB-A. Some specific options have both porting options making them a lot more versatile.


SanDisk USBs are available at affordable prices, with a quality that is world-famous; it is one of the most used brands when it comes to USB drives.

Price List

Model Price
SanDisk Glide 3.0 Speed USB Flash Drive - 128 GB Rs. 3,499
1 x WIWU TYPE-C CONVERTER 6 IN 1 ALPHA 631STR,6 I… Rs. 8,399
3 in 1 USB Flash Drive 256GB - For Computer, Andr… Rs. 8,490
SanDisk USB Flash Drive OTG 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB … Rs. 3,250
Ugreen 60568 USB C Hub 3 in 1 Rs. 6,250
Baseus GAN 3 Pro 100W Desktop Fast Adapter 2U+2C Rs. 8,699
Anker PowerLine+ USB-C To USB 3.... Rs. 3,499
Sandisk iXpand USB Flash Drive Flip, 64GB Rs. 6,900
SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive M3.0 OTG for Android Dev… Rs. 2,999
SanDisk | Ultra Flair - 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Rs. 1,990
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