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The best price of Saniplast in Pakistan is Rs. 40 and estimated average price is Rs. 99.


Saniplast is a brand name for first aid adhesive bandages for smaller injuries. There are a few different sizes and shapes available. The price for Saniplast is nominal in Pakistan.



A first-aid bandage designed to cover and protect small wounds, cuts and scratches from germs, dust and moisture. This helps keep it more sanitised and reduces the chances of an infection.

The top layer is made from a porous PVC film, allowing the skin under to breathe so it doesn't fester. The pad at the centre is made from acrynol, this goes over the damaged area, helping absorb the blood. It is soft so it isn't abrasive to the injury. Applying it right also makes the cut skin come closer and help it heal faster. 

One should properly wipe the area with an antiseptic or water if the former is not available, and then apply the bandage over it. Bandages should be changed at regular intervals so the wound can be kept clean.

Saniplast bandages are available in a few different sizes and shapes, one can pick the correct one based on the injury they need to cover. There is also a kids version that has cartoon characters printed on it.

In Pakistan, Saniplast is available for nominal prices.

Price List

Model Price
Saniplast Medium Bandage Family Pack 100's Rs. 300
Saniplast Medium Bandage Family Pack 100's Rs. 300
Saniplast Spot Bandage 20's Rs. 50
Saniplast 20 Strips Box Rs. 40
Saniplast Pororo Bandage Antiseptic Bandage 20 St… Rs. 55
Saniplast Pororo Bandage Antiseptic 20 Strips Rs. 55
Saniplast First Aid Bandage 100 Strips Rs. 173
Saniplast 4in1 Bandage Assorted Pack Rs. 50
Saniplast Spot Strips (20 Strips) Rs. 45
Sani Plast Antiseptic Bandage (Pack Of 100) Rs. 209
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