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The best price of Sanitary Napkin in Pakistan is Rs. 140 and estimated average price is Rs. 549.


The absorbent, reliable and comfortable sanitary napkins used by women on their menstruation period are affordable and economical. They are called a sanitary towel, sanitary pad, menstrual pad, or simply pad by various brands such as always.



These pads are made from non-toxic material such as cotton adding absorbent gel technology build at the core to ensure there are no leaks or overloading issues. Worn inside the lining of the underwear, they are available in various sizes from small to extra-long to give full coverage to women.

They are also worn by women who have recently given birth to prevent spotting or light bleeding. They can retain menstrual fluid for up to 8 to 12 hours giving women the confidence to be able to travel, work and continue their daily lives without any interruptions.

Pads isolate menstrual fluids at the core of the pad using a gell formula that changes the liquid into a solid form. The no leak and odour makes changing your pad easy and stressfree. The light adhesive at the bottom does not make any noise while changing and holds in place perfectly throughout the day and night.

It is comfortable because of the thin width of the pad that feels much closer to the skin than thicker traditional cloth towel pads. The disposable quality of the pads makes them an essential item that ensures great hygiene for women of all ages.

There are now biodegradable sanitary napkins and ovi-cups available by unique brands that promote eco-friendly menstruation that does not create waste. The sanitary napkin design now includes stretchable wings that can grip down on the underwear lining ensuring that they do not slide. 


A popular sanitary napkin brand in Pakistan is Always that has a series of products that are designed according to different menstruation cycles. The Diamond series has extra thin pads that feel soft and comfortable without compromising on efficiency and performance.

It has an odour neutralizing technology and soft micro-cushions creating a leakage barrier around the core of the pad. The absorbing gel ensures that the pad stays dry for prolonged wear. There is also the Clean & Dry Maxi Thick for ladies who would like to wear the traditional type sanitary napkin design.

This maxi pad is commonly used by young girls when adjusting to their period. It has a 2-in-1 top sheet that uses the Clean & Dry and Cotton-Soft technology that drys any moisture collected in the area. It has a neutralising lotion that keeps the skin healthy and fresh.

The Soft series is for ladies who want to wear something as close to a soft panty liner. It has advanced wings designed with 6 stretch zones that ensure the pad does not slide or move around. It has all the absorbent technology that is featured in thicker pads. The variety of sanitary napkins makes it easy for women to design their menstruation care. 

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Model Price
Sanitary pads - Sanitary Napkins, Buy Two Get One… Rs. 569
Feminine hygiene product pink (SMALL) menstrual s… Rs. 349
Cotton napkin sanitary Lady Pads 30 pcs Soft Easy… Rs. 479
Molped-Ultra Thin Hygiene Shield – Long Rs. 140
Cotton napkin sanitary Lady Pads 30 pcs Soft Easy… Rs. 479
Sanitary pads - Sanitary Napkins, Buy Two Get One… Rs. 569
Tianshi AiRiZ Sanitary Napkin – Day Use Rs. 1,280
Feminine hygiene product pink (SMALL) menstrual s… Rs. 349
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