Sanitary Pads Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Sanitary Pads in Pakistan is Rs. 175 and estimated average price is Rs. 743.


The comfort and security of using sanitary pads ensure women can continue to enjoy maximum productivity during their menstrual cycle. Sanitary pads do not need to be washed and are an affordable women's hygiene product designed to offer several hours of support and relief.



There are a variety of sanitary napkins and pads available in the market that are designed with cotton tops, gel absorbent technology with an ultrathin lining that make them comfortable for women of all ages. The maxi pad is a thicker traditional sanitary pad that is primarily made with pure cotton filling for sensitive skin that requires natural fibres instead of harsher mixed blend used in slimmer pads. 


The sanitary pads with fragrance help hide the odours that accumulate during the day ensuring women do not feel uneasy on their period. The formula is infused with the sanitary pad using a mild composition of perfume that does not irritate the skin. There are fragrance-free sanitary pads that are ideal for sensitive skin types and women who want to avoid chemical contact with their skin. 


Several sizes are available starting from small, medium, large and extra large that is the length of the pad. The menstrual flow is also part of the design offering light to heavy capacity so that women can decide which pad suits their body physiology. 


There are numerous sanitary pad brands local and international that supply high quality and affordability to women of Pakistan. The globally popular Always Pads have a diverse range of products including day time wear and night time pads called Diamond. 

Price List

Model Price
Cotton napkin sanitary Lady Pads 30 pcs Soft Easy… Rs. 479
Cotton napkin sanitary Lady Pads 30 pcs Soft Easy… Rs. 479
Abena Light Bladder Protection Pads, Normal 2, 12… Rs. 785
Always Thicks Classic Sanitary Pads Long Single P… Rs. 175
Healthcare Maternity Pad - Size 3.9 In X 11.8 In … Rs. 1,000
Tianshi AiRiZ Sanitary Napkin – Day Use Rs. 1,280
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