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The best price of Saucepan in Pakistan is Rs. 79 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,479.


While the world may use a saucepan for making gravies, stews, soups and sauces, Pakistanis have long been using this utensil for making tea and boiling water. It is amongst the most versatile kitchen utensil that comes in many sizes. If you are looking for one, check out the saucepan set prices in Pakistan on our website and read on for more information.


Cooking pots and pans are needed in every kitchen as they serve different purposes and are essential cooking items. A sauce pan comes in a variety of designs and materials. Multiple companies in Pakistan manufacture great quality pans for everyday use. You can also buy individual pieces as well as saucepan sets that include these pans in various sizes. 

Best Brands in Pakistan

SonexPrestige, Majestic Chef, Pyrex, Kitchen King, Zenith Traders etc are some of the best brands of cookware in Pakistan. They offer cooking pot sets that contain up to 8 pots and pan in different sizes. They also offer individual pieces in varying designs, sizes and materials.

Material & Types

A saucepan is a stovetop circular cooking vessel that is deep, comes with high sides and straight edges. There is usually a long wooden or metal handle and most of these pans come with glass lids or lids in other materials. Not to be confused with a sauté pan or a crockpot as it is narrower and taller than a sauté pan.

The narrow surface area is for the even distribution of heat in the liquid inside the pan. You can buy high-quality pans in non-stick, stainless steel, cast iron and metal with a copper-coated bottom. The standard size for the smallest saucepan is a diameter of 16 cm, medium 18 cm and larger of 20 cm.

Tips & Comments

If you buy a pan with a glass lid, make sure the manufacturer uses tempered glass as only that variety can withstand high temperatures. While there are many materials, not all of them are dishwasher and oven safe. The stainless steel variety is quite durable and also rust-resistant and you can easily use them in a dishwasher or an oven. 

Price List

Model Price
CHEF 24 cm Metal Finish Aluminum Milk Pan/ Sauce … Rs. 1,699
Stainless Steel Saucepan / Milkpan / Utensil Nat… Rs. 620
Fry Pan And Sauce Pan Handle Black Handle Rs. 149
Fry Pan And Sauce Pan Handle Black Handle Rs. 149
Ballarini Firenze Casserole 1 Handles Sauce Pan 1… Rs. 2,230
Ballarini Roma Casserrole 2 Handles Sauce Pan Wit… Rs. 3,650
Sauce pan silver super quality Rs. 749
Kitchen King Super Aluminium Milk Pan Tea Pan Sau… Rs. 2,223
Aluminium Sauce Pan Milk Pan Rs. 685
Ecocook Red Saucepan With Glass Lid – 2.2 Ltr Rs. 2,640
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