Sayona Hand Mixer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Sayona Hand Mixer in Pakistan is Rs. 7,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 10,600.


A Sayona Hand Mixer can add a lot of convenience to your kitchen work. One could use it to mix together things such as cake batter, whisk eggs or churn butter. A nominally priced device.


Some kitchen tasks take a lot of time, these include mixing things manually or whisking lots of eggs. The pace up this process one could get a Sayona Hand Mixer, allowing one to save a lot more time.

This hand mixer can be used to get cake batter mixed evenly without any clumps. Your eggs will be whisked with fluff a lot faster. You could also use it to make whipped cream or churn butter, which are tedious tasks if undertaken manually.

There is also an attachment that allows you to knead dough. There are speed settings that make the execution of tasks a lot more specific, this way you get the result you want. Speeds affect consistency so the end result is also affected.

The price of the Sayona Hand Mixer is in an affordable range making it a high-value tool for the kitchen as it can help with a lot.

Price List

Model Price
Sayona Hand Mixer With Bowl, 4L, SJ-7200-S Rs. 14,200
Sayona Hand Mixer, 400W, 5-Speed, SHM-4410 Rs. 7,000
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