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The best price of School Bags in Pakistan is Rs. 1,198 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,587.


An essential school accessory for children, school bags help cart around all the many things and textbooks kids need daily. Built from different materials and in many designs, the school bag is also available in many varied sizes. Even according to the age groups as younger kids don't have books the same size as older kids.

Pros & Cons


  • Convenience of carrying school things in one place


  • Can be tiring to carry over extended periods


School bags and the variety

Every child needs one in school to keep their textbooks & copies safe, in one place and convenient to carry. School bags come in all shapes & sizes, with so many variations in designs and patterns this is helpful as kids like to choose their bag each time a new one is needed. From superhero-themed school bags to ones that have simple patterns or are a plain colour, kids can choose one with their favourite cartoon character or colour. Finding a rugged one is important as kids are usually rough with their school bag, leaving them around the school on the ground or anywhere they please.

Material & comfort

School bags are also available in different materials you could find them in some form of plastic or thick cloth, even in leather. Plastics having the advantage with rain perhaps but cloth ones might last longer generally. Comfortable school bags are important as a child will carry a load of books around for long periods over their school day and their shoulders & back will be taking all that weight. Cross strap ones can be even more tiring as the load is all on one side, in this case the dual strap ones help to even out the weight. These straps being adjustable help as heights vary and kids grow all the time, so if a bag lasts it can be used when a child has gained some inches in height. The part that is pressed against the back is also cushioned and at times has sectioned foam patterns stitched that are like massage pads and ease the back.

Other things to consider

The different designs also have multiple pockets aside from the main section that holds the books, the smaller ones let children store their pencils, erasers and sharpeners. Pockets sewn into the inside are also common or a flap-like attached pocket which can double as the geometry-box. If a schoolbag is fit along the back it makes for a more comfortable carry and to make this possible there are a lot with buckles on adjustable straps that will help the bag be a snug fit ensuring better back health.

Price List

Model Price
Namsos Premium Design School Backpack Rs. 1,749
Alka Da Amizna Matching Laptop and School Backpack Rs. 2,449
Unisex Sousse Faux Leather School Backpack Rs. 2,499
Roller Kid's Beautiful Characters trolley School … Rs. 3,499
2 PCs Kids School Bag with Geometry Box-LOL Surpr… Rs. 2,125
School Bag - 0248244... Rs. 2,871
Jute School Bag Rs. 2,950
LOL School Bag For Grade-1 (SS1412) Rs. 2,995
School Bag - 0248250... Rs. 3,591
School Bag - 0248251... Rs. 3,990
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