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The best price of School Uniform in Pakistan is Rs. 449 and estimated average price is Rs. 617.


The school uniform is primarily white, khaki, blue or grey. The summer school uniform has short sleeves for boys and girls. The boys and girls uniform is different in Pakistan and every school has a different colour scheme designed according to their school seal or insignia. The winter uniform has a jacket, blazer or sweater to ensure children are warm enough throughout the day.


Standardised & Practical   

The most influential part of our life is the time we spend at school. Preparing for school should not be about what familial background, regional identity, economic status or used as an expression of anything other than being a student. The purpose of a uniform is to create an environment at the school of equality and fairness among students. It creates a distinction between students and teachers, unity among peers and student groups. The uniform signifies values and codes of the school. Students wear their uniform proudly to represent their school at competitions with other institutions. Some schools will have a dedicated school bag and school shoes to be paired with the uniform creating a complete student identity. 

Public School

In Pakistan, the public schools are government-operated with appointed staff and teachers. The colours are usually white shalwar kameez for girls and grey trousers with a white shirt for boys. The blue accents are usually used to create the logo that is placed on pockets of the uniform. There are sashes, caps and blazers all have school crest on them. Higher grade girls are given the option to wear a dupatta with their sash as part of the uniform. 

Private School Uniform

There are several well-known branches of private schools in Pakistan. These schools are aware that working parents might not have the time to run around looking for new uniforms. In order to save their precious time, schools have made uniforms available online. Now the parents can easily order them from the comfort of their home or office at any time. The colours most popular among private schools are grey, blue, green, maroon and khaki. They come in both regular everyday and gym athletic versions for sports days and outdoor activities. Private schools take pride in their uniforms as they are a sign of prestige, there are some schools that date back 50 to 100 years with high profile alumni having graduated from those institutions. Wear a school uniform makes students feel a part of the history and glory that the school has achieved. 

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School Uniforms White Shirt For Boys | Size 20-36 Rs. 549
School Uniforms White Shirt For Boys / Size 20-36 Rs. 549
School Uniforms Pants for Boys Dark Gray Color Rs. 680
School Uniforms White Shirt For Boys / Size 20-36 Rs. 699
School Uniforms Sky Blue Shirt For Boys | Size 20… Rs. 649
School Uniforms Blue Pants / Half Elastic Navy Bl… Rs. 549
School Uniforms Maroon Sweaters For Boys | (Size … Rs. 649
School Uniforms Pants for Boys Khaki Colore Rs. 680
School Uniforms Pants for Boys Silver Colore Rs. 550
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