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The best price of Scissors in Pakistan is Rs. 40 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,102.


A sharp device used for shearing or cutting paper, hair, cloth, food items etc, scissors come in many shapes, types, sizes and colours. Modern types are multi-purpose and can be used for sewing and embroidery as well as cutting. Check out scissors prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.



There are around 20 basic types of these snipping tools that are used for several purposes these days. The most common types include Surgical Scissors, Cuticle Scissors, Barber's Scissors, Cloth Scissors, Tailor ScissorsThinning Scissors, Paper Scissors, Scissors for Kids, Food Scissors, Crafting Scissors, Right or Left Handed Scissors, Gardening Scissors etc. Pakistan is amongst the best producers of surgical scissors and exports high-quality surgical tools to countries like Germany that is already known for being the finest at producing high-grade machining tools.

Tips & Comments

Materials that are used for surgical scissors include zirconia ceramic, nitinol and titanium. The best material for barber's or cutting scissors is high-grade stainless steel that prevents them from rust or corrosion. There can be a lot of options when it comes to scissors kits as they can include a few to a multitude of tools and accessories. They are typically designed ergonomically to lay comfortably in your hands. To prolong the life of hair grooming scissors, always keep them clean and well lubricated and store them at a dry and clean place. Even better if you store the scissors in a pouch or box. 

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Model Price
Tebessa Stainless Steel Scissor 5 Layers Vegetabl… Rs. 349
Novita Stainless Steel Scissor 5 Layer Vegetable … Rs. 599
5" Stainless Steel Cutting Scissor Rs. 120
Scissors For Fabric 12 inch Tailor's Scissors Sta… Rs. 650
Scissor G Cut Rs. 925
Pack Of 2 -Swifty Sharp Motorized Knife Sharpener… Rs. 799
Energy - ENRG Scissor Arm Mic Suspension Stand St… Rs. 1,475
Pizza Cutting And Lifting Scissor Rs. 399
Alogy Extendable Scissor Arm Stand With Mobile Ho… Rs. 2,490
5 Layered Stainless Steel Scissor - Red & Silver Rs. 449
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