Sencor Contact Grill Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Sencor Contact Grill in Pakistan is Rs. 19,499 and estimated average price is Rs. 29,249.


A higher quality electronic grill that is smaller sized, the Sencor Contact Grill works well for all kinds of things, from sandwiches to meats.


One can choose different Sencor Contact Grills, the simpler one has just a few buttons to set the grill. The others have a lot more settings for specific foods built-in, making it a lot easier to get such foods cooked.

The Sencor Contact Grills are double-sided with a heavy top that presses down on whatever is being grilled. As for the grill, it is made with a non-stick material so your food does not stick and there is also an oil and fat drip tray.

You can easily make toasted sandwiches or paninis in the Sencor Contact Grill, in case you want to cook a steak or burger patty, that is also possible. This is a smaller grill so one would need to do portions at a time.

Price List

Model Price
Sencor Intelligent Contact Grill, SBG-6030SS Rs. 38,999
Sencor SBG 3050SS Contact Grill Rs. 19,499
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