Sencor Deep Fryer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Sencor Deep Fryer in Pakistan is Rs. 13,699 and estimated average price is Rs. 13,699.


One of the most tasty ways to prepare food is to deep fry them. The Sencor brand has different options for deep fryers that one can use for their deep frying needs.


Sencor Deep Fryers have different models, one can choose the model apt for their needs. Deep frying food is one of the tastiest ways to prepare food and many of the favourite foods are deep fried.

Having a Sencor Deep Fryer would allow you to make fries, chicken, tempura and much more. The different models are mainly a variation in size, with one Sencor Deep Fryer that has multiple functions. That model lets you grill, broil, sous-vide and whole other range of cooking options.

The other differences are in size, one can choose options that have a 3.2-litre capacity or a 1.5-litre one as well. This is all about what your needs are, do you make snacks or are you running a larger kitchen that requires more food being prepared.

There are controls on these deep fryers to set the temperature and some have presets as well, reducing your work. The oil in your deep fryer should be changed in a timely manner as it can gather burnt bits that affect your food's flavour and health as well.

The Sencor Deep Fryers come with a metal basket that helps with lowering and taking out the food in your deep fryer. The lids are transparent so you can check on your food as it cooks.

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Model Price
Sencor SFR 6200SS Deep fryer Rs. 13,699
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