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A great way to get a spa massaging bath with ease. The Sencor Foot Massager has multiple modes and one can choose the one that they prefer.


If one needs some relaxing therapy and care for their feet, the Sencor Foot Massager is a great way to get that done at home or if one has multiple devices at their spa.

The Sencor Foot Massager has 3 combo settings, vibration massage, warm bath with bubble bath or vibration with a warm bath and bubbles. To get an effective foot massage there are 482 acupressure points that get stimulated.

Each foot has 20 air jets that give a relaxing bubble bath and a heating element is integrated to keep the water temperature warm. The base of the Sencor Foot Massager has rubber feet under it so it does not slip.

The Sencor Foot Massager would be a great way increase blood flow to the feet as well, helping with overall circulation.

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