Sencor Hand Blender Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Sencor Hand Blender in Pakistan is Rs. 5,445 and estimated average price is Rs. 14,496.


The Sencor Hand Blender is great for making sauces, purees, chutneys and more. It is a useful small appliance that helps save time on repetitive tasks.


Sencor Hand Blenders are designed in a way that makes them easy to use. Adding a lot of value to your kitchen, this device makes many small tasks hassle-free.

You could use a Sencor Hand Blender to whisk eggs, mix ingredients for a sauce or chutney. It is also great to make purees or prepare baby food. The advantage of a hand blender is that it is great for smaller amounts of things, allowing you to get things done without setting the main blender up.

If you want to bend your soup, the Sencor Hand Blenders have metal blades and a metal stick that can be dipped directly into your pot on the stove. There is a guard over the blade that makes sure you do not splash everywhere.

The Sencor Hand Blender can be used inside a glass or small dish as well. In case you want to whip cream or churn butter you could also use these hand blenders for that. There are different speeds that allow you to set the speed that suits the task at hand.

To clean the hand blender, the moving parts detach from the main body allowing you to wash them.

Price List

Model Price
Sencor Hand Mixer 5203 Rs. 9,750
Sencor Hand Blender SHB4358WH Rs. 11,000
Sencor Hand Mixer SHM5270 Rs. 11,100
Sencor Hand Mixer 5203 Rs. 9,750
Sencor Hand Mixer SHM5205 M Rs. 11,100
Sencor Hand Blender SHB4358WH Rs. 11,000
Sencor SHM 6203SS Hand Mixer Rs. 9,299
Sencor Hand Blender (SHB 4365VT) Rs. 7,139
Sencor Hand Blender (SHB 30WH) Rs. 5,445
Sencor Hand Mixer SHM5270 Rs. 11,100
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