Sencor Insect Killer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Sencor Insect Killer in Pakistan is Rs. 6,961 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,961.


Sencor insect killers can be used to keep bugs away from your spaces. People use them indoors and outdoors too. They use electricity to zap insects. The price of an insect killer from Sencor is in an affordable bracket.


During the summer mosquitoes and other insects can be a nuisance, for this one can purchase a Sencor insect killer.

This device has a UV light at the centre that attracts insects and has a metal mesh around the light that has electricity running through it. When the insects come into contact with the mesh they get zapped and die. Some people hang them higher others leave them placed on the ground this one can decide based on their space. Hanging them also keeps them away from children which is a good thing.

One should not have these insect killers too close to food as some research says when an insect gets zapped the germs it carries can be sent out into the air around. If you live near an area with lots of honey bees then too it would be advisable to not use an insect killer as it could upset the ecosystem

The price of Sencor insect killers is affordable.

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Sencor Insect Killer (SIK 5000BK) Rs. 6,961
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