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The best price of Sencor Rice Cooker in Pakistan is Rs. 8,300 and estimated average price is Rs. 8,300.


The easiest way to make rice is to use a rice cooker. The Sencor Rice Cooker will make sure you have white rice made just right each time. With simple usage and a lot of convenience, this appliance is very useful.


With a Sencor Rice Cooker you can make white rice with a lot of ease.

The Sencor Rice Cooker has markings for rice and the water level needed for how much rice you are making. This makes sure your rice if done just right each time. This cooker has a measuring cup along with it to make that process exact as well.

Boiling rice can be tricky and if you do it regularly and want consistently made rice Sencor Rice Cooker is a good choice for you.

There is just one button you need to push down once you have added the rice and water. As the rice cooks, you can get your other kitchen work done. Once the rice is done the Sencor Rice Cooker will keep it warm for hours so you can serve with ease as well. 

The glass lid lets you see the rice as it cooks and excess steam is let out via a small hole. The base has rubber feet so your cooker doesn't slip about. There are built-in safety systems to protect from overheating and such issues, making sure your cooker and space are safer.

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Sencor Rice Cooker SRM 1500WH Rs. 8,300
Sencor Rice Cooker SRM 1500WH Rs. 8,300
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