Sencor Sandwich Maker Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Sencor Sandwich Maker in Pakistan is Rs. 4,719 and estimated average price is Rs. 8,433.


Sencor sandwich makers are good quality appliances that can help you prepare your snacks with more ease. There are a few different options, including ones with swappable plates and one which prepares only one sandwich. With affordable prices, these are high-value appliances.


If you are looking for a sandwich maker to make your snack making convenient, the Sencor brand has ample options.

The simplest sandwich maker from Sencor is one that is designed to make only one sandwich at a time, which is rare as most make two in one go. If you want the one that makes two, Sencor has those as well. The third kind is the one that has swappable inside plates.

These swappable plates make it possible for you to make waffles or a panini with your sandwich makes as well. This multifunctional device adds value to your kitchen as one machine can undertake multiple tasks.

The plates in Sencor sandwich makers are all non-stick, this makes it easy to get your food out and also to wipe them clean. All of the variations come with a timer so your sandwiches don't burn and you can also go about other things you are doing.

Sencor sandwich makers are available for affordable prices.

Price List

Model Price
Sencor Electric Toaster, STS-2606WH, 3 Functions/… Rs. 7,999
Sencor SSM 4300SS Sandwich Maker Rs. 7,399
Sencor Sandwich Maker (SPG 3100WH) Rs. 4,719
Sencor Sandwich Maker, SSM-4310WH, 4 Section Sand… Rs. 8,799
Sencor Sandwich Maker, SSM-9410SS, 3 Replaceable … Rs. 13,599
Sencor STS 32BL Toaster Rs. 7,799
Sencor Sandwich Maker (SSM 9300) Rs. 7,623
Sencor Sandwich Maker, SSM-4300SS, 4 Section Sand… Rs. 8,799
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