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Compare 231 prices from 3 stores.

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The largest local footwear producer, Servis has a massive catalogue of shoes for men, women and children. With a high level of quality check keeping their product level maintained. Not just with a local interest, Servis has been able to export their goods over the years. A testament to the brand. With a price point that is not high, making them accessible shoes for a way larger segment in Pakistan.

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  • Durable

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Servis Industries Ltd.

Starting in 1941, Service Industries initially produced some handbags and a few sports goods. In 1954 Servis Shoes was started, today the company also runs Servis Tyres and is selling footwear, tyres and tubes, along with technical rubber products. It is the largest Pakistani footwear brand and one of the largest industrial companies in the market. Their manufacturing plants are set up in Gujrat and Muridke. Also known for taking care of their employees and thus retaining many of them over decades. Servis Industries exports its shoes, tyres and rubber tubes to Europe, Middle East, South America, Africa and Asian countries.

Servis Shoes range

The brand has developed a few labels to divvy up the types of shoes. With the largest segment being under the original Servis name, which holds an extensive catalogue of shoes for men, women and children. For sports, they have the label 'Cheetah'. 'Don Carlos' is the premium formal men's footwear label. For women, there is the label titled 'Liza'. A larger label goes under the 'NDURE' title, with the urban lifestyle in mind. Other labels include 'Shoe Planet', 'Lark & Finch', 'Calza' and 'T.Z'.

Servis has covered a full gamut of styles, colours and types of shoes within all these lines. Whatever kind of shoe you are looking for Servis has something in that style.

The Servis factories

One of the reasons Servis was able to expand so much is that they used the Lean Production Method, pioneered by Toyota in the modern industrial world. This reduces the overall capital needed for production. Using automatic cutters, conveyor belts and some of the best machines in the market such as the DESMA from Germany and Gusbi from Italy.

The Servis Shoe range is diverse and durable, with a price range that is hard to beat given they are sourced and produced locally. Making for a very competitive price range.

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The best price of Servis Shoes in Pakistan is Rs. 399 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,833.

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Model Price
Servis Shoes Daraz Exclusive For Women - Ekisha -… Rs. 1,519
Servis Shoes - A.accessories A-sb-0100025- Shoe C… Rs. 399
Servis Shoes For Men Servis M-sr-0500002 Rs. 959
Servis Shoes For Men Servis M-sr-0350006 Rs. 959
Servis Shoes For Men Servis M-sr-0300022 Rs. 1,199
Servis Shoes For Men Servis M-sr-0450004 Rs. 1,199
Servis Shoes For Men Servis M-sr-0300060 Rs. 1,039
Servis Shoes For Men Servis M-sr-0200008 Rs. 1,599
Servis Shoes For Men Servis M-sr-0300043 Rs. 1,119
Servis Shoes For Men Servis M-sr-0200014 Rs. 1,599