Set Wet Body Spray Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Set Wet Body Spray in Pakistan is Rs. 345 and estimated average price is Rs. 345.


A need for smelling fresh, body spray is especially useful during the summers. The Set Wet Body Spray range has scents that are ideal for men and would be great for the hotter months. The price of the Set Wet Body Spray range is generally affordable.


Set Wet is a brand that produces personal care items, this includes boy sprays. The Set Wet Body Spray options have scents that are designed to keep one smelling fresh over the course of their day out and about.

A lot of people use body spray after taking a shower and in case there is a need, one can apply some more later. The Set Wet Body Spray range has options like Cool Avatar, Swag Avatar and Charm Avatar. The names signify the kind of scent the specific body spray has.

Cool Avatar is a more fresh scent, with mint, ginger, vetiver and more. For the Charm Avatar option Set Wet has added musk, cardamom, lavender and traces of peppermint. Just like this other options have their own special mix.

These body sprays are easy to apply, which makes them convenient. The Set Wet Body Sprays are available for affordable prices, with certain combo pack options as well.

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Set Wet Bodyspray Rs. 345
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