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The best price of Sewing Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 179 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,784.


A seemingly simple tool today, the sweing machine was a revolution when it came into being. Making your stitching tasks so much faster compared to hand. Many different variations are available today depending on what kind of stitching related work you do. From the more heavy-duty ones to ones for simple repairs at home. A very useful machine if one wants to extend the life of their clothes.


The sewing machine changes the world

Invented during the first Industrial Revolution sewing machines changed the scale at which clothes could be made, imagine on average a shirt took about 14 hours to stitch by hand and with the machine the same could be achieved in minutes! Far from the standard Singer sewing machine times, today there are so many variations available to people like handheld portable versions to overall smaller sized ones. Even the more heavy-duty Juki machine that is common at industrial levels or for tougher cloth, such as denim.

Uses of a sewing machine 

Quite a handy tool to have around the house for when seams come apart, aiding in extending the life of clothes. There are versions that have to be manually operated but today, as with most things, sewing machines are also using electricity to work at higher speeds. Unlike a regular needle, the eye is closer to the point of a sewing machine needle and as it moves in and out of the cloth while pushing a thread through the layers of fabric it attaches to another thread at the bottom from a bobbin.

Types of stitches

When the thread is pushed through the fabric layers the take-up lever drops down releasing the tension in the thread, then the bobbin hook can grab it and loop it as it attaches another thread along the underside, so the stitch is complete and tight. This is the most simple stitch called a 'lock stitch', there are a host of other kinds of stitches that machines can employ depending on your need. But not every sewing machine can do that, some make just the most basic stitch and others have the options to make more complex stitches like the 'zigzag stitch' or the 'overlock stitch'.

What machine suits you

Picking one depends on what all kinds of work you may need it to do for you, like the material you need to stitch or what kinds of stitches you would need and how portable you want it to be.

Price List

Model Price
Kids pretend to play 4 in 1 pack of iron washing … Rs. 1,200
8-inch Impulse Sealer Machine - 200 Mm Sealing Ma… Rs. 2,650
Vintage Style Sewing Machine (Med) Rs. 2,499
Sewing Machine Wood Case Sewing Machine Wood Cove… Rs. 2,599
32pcs NEW Multi-Functional Domestic Sewing Machin… Rs. 3,650
CY 32 sewing machine presser foot set Rs. 3,200
Planet X Happy Family Sewing Machine & Clothing I… Rs. 3,250
Sameer Store 12" Impulse Sealer Hot Sealing Machi… Rs. 4,430
Mini Sewing Machine With Steam Iron Rs. 4,375
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