Sg Kitchen Hood Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Sg Kitchen Hood in Pakistan is Rs. 13,089 and estimated average price is Rs. 15,454.


Kitchens need a good ventilation system as there is a lot of smoke as well as fumes that need to be aired out. A SG Kitchen Hood can help with this as it goes right above the stove so gets the smoke and fumes at the source.


SG Kitchen Hoods come in different sizes with the main functions the same. These kitchen hoods have an exhaust with various speeds which allow one to set it at the speed needed at the moment. If you are frying there may be more smoke so a higher speed would be better.

There are filters inside the SG Kitchen Hoods which need to be cleaned so the airways are not choked, these filters get out the grease so it does not clog up the exhaust fan inside.

With the SG Kitchen Hoods one also gets lights that allow you to see better when you are cooking. This is very helpful as a lot of cooking requires you to keep an eye on it.

The touch controls on the SG Kitchen Hoods make them easy to operate and also to clean. Touch buttons are flat without any edges or inserts meaning they can be wiped similar to the rest of the hood.

SG Kitchen Hoods are a more affordable option compared to others in the market.

Price List

Model Price
SG Range Hood SGHP-90-19 Rs. 15,839
SG Range Hood SGHP-90-20 Rs. 17,049
SG Range Hood Touch Panel SGHP-9018 Rs. 14,299
SG Range Hood SGHP-70-20 Rs. 15,949
SG Range Hood SGHP-70-19 Rs. 15,289
SG Range Hood SGHP-9001 Rs. 13,089
SG Range Hood SGHP-90-21 Rs. 17,599
SG Range Hood SGHP-60-19 Rs. 14,849
SG Range Hood SGHP-70-21 Rs. 17,489
SG Range Hood SGHP-9003 Rs. 13,089
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