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Compare 69 prices from 11 stores.

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An important part of a man's hygiene routine is the perfect shave that ensures he is feeling confident for the rest of the day. A high-quality shaving machine can help save time and energy ensuring that in a few minutes a close to skin shave without any unwanted cuts, redness, harsh afterburn or irritation can be achieved. A good shaving machine will be able to suit specific skin types, facial hair texture and any other personal preferences through its advanced settings and applicators.


Easy to Use

The automatic cleaning station ensures that the machine removes any access hair stuck in its system and promotes the hygiene of the machine. The four-way directional shave is the reason men can now spend a few strokes to achieve a precise shave when manually each inch of the face would need to be shaved in various directions to get the same result.

Shaving machines have a various base model to advanced iterations that have two, three, four or five blades along with foil or rotary controls for wet and dry skin application. The various precision heads can cover larger to harder to shave areas on the face and neck. the flex motion is a great advantage that helps achieve organic grip and strokes on the face without applying unnecessary pressure. 

Shaving machines are compact and highly portable to be taken on frequent travel trips for work or vacation. The reason for its portability is the non-lithium battery that can be charged to deliver over an hour of shaving time. A single charge will be able to provide several shaves for over a week, the digital display indicators calculate how much battery time is left before you need to charge it again. With an emergency five-minute extra power feature to ensure you never miss shaving your whole face. 

Types Of Shaving Machines 

The popular names in grooming kits and shaving machines are by global brand leaders like Braun, Panasonic and Phillips that have been dependable electronic appliance provider for beauty and hygiene to men and women. The floating grills, four cutting elements and two Optifoil foils in the Braun shaving machine are built to create the effect of a manual shave for men.

The notable cutting elements called “direct and cut” and “hyper-lift and cut” are hyper fast-moving mechanisms that get the job done in minutes. Shaving machines have adaptive cleaning mechanisms that assess which cleansing program to run according to what kind of shave has been performed. It cleans the shaving machine while the razor is recharging protecting it from overuse and overcharging. 

When looking for Panasonic shaving machines the noteworthy models hare ES-LV9N-S (ES-LV9A-S, ES-LV9B-S), ES-LV95-S & ES-LV81-K with a powerful motor of 14,000 RPM, 30-degree swiveling nano blades, the dependable automatic charging dock and cleaning system. Shaving machines can also be used as a trimmer with the right head to perform the task. The Panasonic ES-LV9N-S and ES-LV95-S are waterproof which means shaving can also be performed while showering under direct water. 

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The best price of Shaving Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 915 and the estimated average price is Rs. 7,488.

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Total Shaving Machine For Men - Shaving Machine -… Rs. 5,375
Shaving Machine For Men - Shaving Machine - Hair … Rs. 1,380
Shaving Machine With All Trimmer Rs. 3,499
Shaving Machine Charging Rs. 2,700
Complete Shaving Machine Bundle Rs. 3,250
Shaving Machine with Charger Rs. 3,499
Kemei Professional Hair Clipper-Pro Shaving Machi… Rs. 2,999
Feidiao Shaving Machine 3 In 1 Rechargeable Hair … Rs. 1,624
Feidiao Shaving Machine For Men, 3 In 1 Rechargea… Rs. 1,599