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The best price of Shelves in Pakistan is Rs. 578 and estimated average price is Rs. 12,649.


Having a shelf in the living room or bedroom can provide a lot of utilitarian value as well as enhance the decor. They are multi-purpose and you can place many things on them other than just books. Getting a shelf made is a long and expensive process that also requires a professional artisan. You can easily buy pre-made ready to install shelves from our website in all sizes and designs. Check out shelves prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for suggestions on what to place on them and the best manufacturers you can find in the country. 


Leading Brands 

Urban Galleria, Wood Action Furniture, Wood Creations, Sixth Galleria, Hoid, Habitt, Ikea are some of the best brands that sell quality shelves in Pakistan.  

Shelves Types & Materials

Modern decors use multi-tiered shelves in unique designs, colours and materials. Glass, wood, metal, wrought iron, plastic, composite wood etc are some of the commonly used materials and in some cases, a mix of two or more. Floating shelves are very common as they look stylish and also don't take up a lot of space on the wall. If you don't like installing shelf racks on the wall you can buy the standing variety that comes with multiple racks. There is also a range of vintage freestanding shelf racks with feet that they can stand on. They look like an open cabinet with multiple racks. 

Indoor Setting

1. Shelves for the bedroom can be placed above a bed for placing decorative items. They can also be mounted on the opposite wall of the bed with books, DVDs or other items. A shelf can also be an excellent place for putting candles and crystal decorative items. They can also be used for keeping indoor plants and flower planters. Having multiple shelving racks alongside the dressing mirror can be of great use for placing your cosmetics, trinkets, hairstyling devices and products, depending on the size of the shelf. If the decor is not too formal, the freestanding shelving racks can also be used for placing shoes or clothes etc.

2. Every bathroom needs shelves for placing toiletries, towels, medicines, candles, trinkets or anything one needs. Make sure to buy the waterproof, anti-rust and humidity proof material for the bathroom. If you are planning to place your medicines on the bathroom racks, make sure to take measure to make it a moisture-free environment. 

3. For the living room, a standing display rack with a single shelf can be great for placing your landline phone, if you still use one. Wall-mounted corner shelves are another modernistic and multi-purpose nook where one can place family pictures, decorative items, planters, books or DVDs etc. Multiple racks near the TV would also look nice and offer great functionality.

4. Shelves in the kitchen offer the most utility as there are so many tools, utensils and kitchen electronics that one needs to keep in an organized manner.

5. Dining room shelves can be in the form of display racks or tall cabinets that can be adorned with your expensive and sophisticated looking crockery. They can also be used as mere showcases for placing decorative items. 

Outdoor Setting

Ladder style shelves with planters and decorative items look great in lush green lawns. Wall shelves work well in terraces or balconettes. One can also place shelving units with important or decorative items in the lawn or patio. Just make sure to buy weatherproof materials that also don't attract lightning strikes if you are planning to place them out in the open. 

Price List

Model Price
Wall Shelf Shelves for Living Room Wooden Wall Ha… Rs. 2,499
WOOD LAND FURNITURE Floating wall shelve, set of … Rs. 650
Toheed wood wall decor shelve Rs. 2,500
Alcona Display Shelf Rs. 12,500
Modern 6-Tier Bookcase with 18 Storage Shelves Bo… Rs. 14,999
5 Tier Shelf Ladder Corner Bookshelf Open Shelve … Rs. 7,900
Ezequil Floating Wall Shelf Set of 3 in Green Col… Rs. 9,000
WOOD LAND FURNITURE Floating wall shelve, set of … Rs. 650
Wall Shelf Shelves for Living Room Wooden Wall Ha… Rs. 2,499
Gibney Book Shelf cum Display Unit Rs. 26,500
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