Shield Feeder Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Shield Feeder in Pakistan is Rs. 90 and estimated average price is Rs. 199.


Shield Corporation Limited is Pakistan's very own brand that produces oral care and baby-related products. It has been operating in Pakistan since 1975 and today is best known for its toothbrushes and baby feeders. Check out Shield feeder prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


You can find a multitude of Shield baby feeders in varying sizes and prices on this page. The brand is known for manufacturing high-quality baby feeders that are extremely popular in Pakistan. 


The bottles are made out of safe plastic that is BPA free. They come with a flexible nipple that makes drinking very easy for the baby. You can also boil them or run them in bottle washers and sterilizers without the risk of damaging their material. The bottles come in bright colours and prints that look really pleasant and interesting to babies. They love holding these bottles and drinking from them.


You don't need to invest in expensive sterilizers as the feeders can be sterilized at home too. All you have to do is soak thoroughly washed bottles in a wide pot filled with clean and boiling water for not less than five minutes. This would kill all the bacteria and make your bottles all clean and ready to be used. Just make sure to wash and sterilize the nipples well after each use and replace them after 2 months.

Safety Tips

It is important that you sterilize your supply of Shield feeders or any other brand of baby bottles after every use even though many parents do that only once in a while. If your baby has been sick, it becomes mandatory to sterilize the bottles to make them infection-free. Invest in a nipple brush that is a small too for effectively cleaning the small insides of a nipple. This is to ensure thorough cleaning so that no milk residue is left inside. 

Price List

Model Price
Shield Baby Frost Feeder, 6m+, 250ml Rs. 200
Shield Glow in the Dark Feeder 260ml with Handle,… Rs. 413
Shield Feeder Bell Shape 130ml Rs. 120
Shield Baby Crystal Feeder, 12m+, 260ml/9oz Rs. 400
Shield Evenflo Feeder 125 ml Rs. 105
Shield Deluxe Feeder 250ml Rs. 170
Shield Feeder Wideneck 180ml Rs. 245
Shield Slim Grip Feeder 120ml Rs. 170
Shield Evenflo Feeder 125ml Rs. 150
Shield Baby Rattle Cap Feeder, 3m+, 125ml Rs. 170
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