Shoe Rack Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Shoe Rack in Pakistan is Rs. 295 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,709.


A home item that is used to store shoes or to air them out. Shoe racks are available in many sizes and designs, the factors on which the price depends as well.


Shoe Rack

A great way to store ones shoes or to air them out before storing them, depending on the kind of shoe rack one has. There are versions that are similar to small cabinets or cupboards, and others that are more open like shelves.

The closed ones are useful for storing one's shoes neatly and the ones like shelves are useful to air out one's shoes, after wearing them, in an organised manner. People also place the open shoe racks in their room or walk-in closet, this serves both purposes of airing them and storing them. In confined spaces, or if one wanted to make the most of their space shoe racks help a lot.

Materials and designs

Shoe racks are available in different materials such as wood, metal and plastics. The size can vary a lot, from being able to hold a few pairs to over a dozen pairs. The design range is vast as different people and cultures like something else. Also dependant on space, there are versions that fit neatly into a corner and are shaped like the quarter portion of a circle. Other designs include small boxes with small doors for each pair. The shelf variant can have a mesh or be a solid shelf board. Some shoe racks combine metal rods with plastic sides, the rods are to place the shoes on and the plastic sides hold the rods in place.


It is quite important to air one's shoes before storing them so they don't smell musty, or get fungus. Shoe racks help keep one's space clear of shoes sprawled out. One can also purchase shoe rack organizers that help one stack the left and right shoe to maximise space.

They are available at a great variation of prices due to their size and the material used to build them. Prices go from the bottom all the way to the top of the range. One of the least expensive sorts is the ones made from a polyester-based sectioning that can be hung. 

Price List

Model Price
3 Layers Plastic Shoe Rack Kitchen Stand Lightwei… Rs. 450
Modern-shoes rack-MDF-TWSR01-off white Rs. 9,500
Home Plastic Shoe Rack Rs. 390
Modern-shoes rack with siting and storage Rs. 10,500
5 layer cubes shoe rack Rs. 5,990
Home Plastic Shoe Rack Rs. 380
Hommold Anti-Skid Matt Finished 3-Tier Floor Shoe… Rs. 1,399
Home Plastic Shoe Rack- Rs. 399
Home Office Plastic Rack / Room Organizer / Shoe … Rs. 449
Home Office Plastic Rack / Room Organizer / Shoe … Rs. 399
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