Shrink Wrap Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Shrink Wrap in Pakistan is Rs. 247 and estimated average price is Rs. 870.


A kind of thin plastic sheet that is used to wrap items or seal off containers. There are smaller versions that are used in the kitchen as well to keep food in an air-tight environment. The price of shrink wrap is in an affordable range.


Shrink Wrap

A thin film of plastic used to wrap objects or cover container openings, it is also known as cling film. Shrink wrap is available in various thicknesses, shrink ratios and clarities. In certain cases, heat is applied to it so it shrinks and wraps whatever it is applied onto tightly, this can be done with a heat gun and at an industrial level, it is done in a heat tunnel.

One can find shrink wrap on a lot of new items they purchase, but the more common use is in the kitchen. This kind of roll is smaller; more often referred to as cling film and can be used to cover up dishes or boxes that may not have a lid; making an air-tight seal. If one wants to seal up a smaller, dry food item that is also possible by just covering it all around. Shrink wrap can be annoying to cut so the kitchen rolls come with a serrated blade at one side of the box to make it easier to cut off and leave the end there so it is easy to find the next time you need it. There are also dispensers for the kitchen where a roll can be installed for easier use.

Industrial sized shrink wrapping is also used at the airport to cover one's luggage so it is safer from tampering or bad weather conditions. This also helps keep it clean since it will not be in contact with the floor directly.


Shrink wrap is generally available for affordable prices. There is some concern as it is a one-time use plastic that creates a lot of waste, so one should be mindful when using shrink wrap or cling film.

Price List

Model Price
Best Quality Shrink Wrap For Packing 12 Inches X … Rs. 899
Shrink Wrap Jumbo size 50cm - PVC Packing Roll 30… Rs. 799
Shrink Wrap All Sizes 4, 6, 12, 20 Inch Wide Roll… Rs. 547
Food Wrap Baking Paper Cling Film Foil Plastics s… Rs. 999
Shrink Wrap All Sizes 6, 8, 12, 20 Inch Wide Roll… Rs. 499
Shrink Wrap Roll For Packing Or Sheet Transparent… Rs. 699
Shrink Plastic Wrap 20 Inch Roll For Wrapping Pro… Rs. 949
Stretch Wrap Industrial Strength Extra Thick 100 … Rs. 699
Best Quality Shrink Wrap For Packing 12 Inches X … Rs. 899
20 inch Wide 300 Meter Long Shrink Wrap Packing P… Rs. 1,050
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