Siemens Kitchen Hood Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Siemens Kitchen Hood in Pakistan is Rs. 13,089 and estimated average price is Rs. 38,531.


Siemens Kitchen Hoods allow you to ventilate your kitchen with ease. These hoods are powerful and efficient, making sure you get all your smoke and fumes sucked out.


The Siemens brand is known for quality products, it also has kitchen appliances available among which one can find kitchen hoods.

Siemens Kitchen Hoods are made from tempered glass or stainless steel, the controls are easy to use and one also gets lights fitted in. Certain hoods also have ambient light and one can use the Home Connect App to change the colours.

Some models also feature clean air circulation, this is not a common feature in general. This allows for an exchange of air with more ease than normal. Siemens Kitchen Hoods even have smart sensors that can gauge the amount of smoke and fumes, setting the apt speed on their own. All you one has to do is turn the kitchen hood on and it manages the rest.

The filters inside help gather grease and oil from the fumes, this way the fan stays cleaner. These filters need to be cleaned so the functional efficiency stays peak.

The Siemens Kitchen Hoods are expensive options, especially the ones with smart features.

Price List

Model Price
Dawlance Kitchen Hood 9630BG Rs. 76,500
Care Kitchen Hood 404 Rs. 25,800
NasGas KHD-275 Kitchen Hood 3 Position Speed Cont… Rs. 23,400
Esquire AR687-900 Kitchen hood Rs. 75,000
Haier PCHT-9001 Kitchen Hood Rs. 45,900
Esquire HT 6002 kitchen hood Rs. 27,000
Dawlance DCT-9630 S A Series Kitchen Hood Rs. 63,450
Combo Deal Hanco Kitchen Hood and Hanco Kitchen H… Rs. 59,000
Hanco Silver Stainless Steel Kitchen Hood with LE… Rs. 19,499
Elica Sweet ivory F/185 kitchen hood Rs. 62,000
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