Silver Rings For Women Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Silver Rings For Women in Pakistan is Rs. 974 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,175.


As opposed to gold, the precious metal silver is available at cheaper price points and is considered hypoallergenic and durable. Women like silver rings due to their similarity with platinum which is one of the most expensive precious metals. Also, silver rings look stunning when studded with diamonds, zircons or other precious gemstones. Check out prices of silver rings for women on this page and read on for more information. 


Authentication Hallmarks

Pure silver rings for women will have labels such as 900. 925, 800 etc. Though pure silver does not actually mean that the rings are 100% fine silver. They are almost always mixed with other metals and are hardened for durability. One can also check their silver ring with a magnet as real silver or its alloys are non-magnetic. 

Silver Vs Sterling Silver Rings

Silver wears down easily and is also not the hardest metal out there. It can bend or break in some cases as it is easily malleable. A more durable and cheaper option is sterling silver that is the alloy of silver metal. Rings made out of sterling silver last a long time and don't lose their shine soon either. Though sterling silver is scratch-proof, durable and shiny, it turns skin green or black in humid and hot weather.

Silver Rings With Gemstones

Most precious gemstones look excellent when embedded in silver rings for women. These include zircon, opal, blue sapphire, emerald, rubies, pearls and many other widely loved gemstones. Silver rings are also a popular choice amongst women who don't prefer gold for their engagement or wedding jewellery.

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Price List

Model Price
925 Sterling Silver Ring High Quality Hollow Woma… Rs. 1,424
Trendy High Class Adjustable Silver Gem CZ Ring F… Rs. 974
Beautiful Sterling Silver 925 With Cute AQUA colo… Rs. 2,585
Ring Silver (Chandi) Black Diamond Stone Sterling… Rs. 3,359
Opal Stone Silver Ring HB-606 Rs. 2,600
Zircon Silver Plated Ring For Women adjustable Rs. 999
Big Zircon Ring 925 Sterling Silver Round Rings f… Rs. 1,399
925 Sterling Silver New Jewelry Fashion Woman Ope… Rs. 1,499
Emerald Stone Silver Ring HB-438 Rs. 2,650
Silver Heart 925 Party Women Ring Rs. 1,250
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