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The Simply Sufi Chicken Burger Patties make it very convenient to prepare a chicken burger. One only needs to fry the patty and put together their burger. It already has batter on it, making it ready to go right out of the packet.


Many people like chicken burgers, they make for a tasty meal and a good snack as well. The Simply Sufi Chicken Burger Patties are frozen patties that can be prepared quickly. This makes them a very convenient option compared to getting the right cut from the store, applying batter to it and then cooking it.

The pre-battered patty from Simply Sufi means you can just take them out of the freezer and cook them. The cooking method and time are mentioned on the packing, one should follow it so they do not have any raw bits in their chicken patty.

One could even have the Simply Sufi Chicken Burger Patties as part of a sandwich or chopped up in a salad if they wanted.

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