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If you are looking to make fried chicken drumsticks, the Simply Sufi Chicken Drumsticks pack will make it super simple. This would be ideal for anything you want to make that just involves chicken legs.


Depending on the dish one may need only a specific part of the chicken, Simply Sufi has a range of options that have such specific parts. The Simply Sufi Chicken Drumsticks pack has only chicken legs or drumsticks.

If you want to roast chicken drumsticks or deep fry them with batter, the Simply Sufi Chicken Drumsticks would be an ideal purchase. These come frozen and one can store them in their freezer for quite a bit of time.

The drumsticks have the skin on them still, some dishes need it while others do not. Having it means one can use it or remove it. For some fried dishes, the crispy skin adds a lot of flavour and texture to the chicken.

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