Simply Sufi Zinger Patties Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Simply Sufi Zinger Patties in Pakistan is Rs. 360 and estimated average price is Rs. 695.


The zinger style burger is a favourite, one can get ready to cook zinger patties to make their own burgers at home. The Simply Sufi Zinger Patties come frozen and can be ready in minutes.


The Simply Sufi Zinger Patties allow you to make your own burgers, exactly how you want them. These frozen patties can also be stored longer, ready to be cooked whenever you want a burger for meals or as a snack.

Simply Sufi Zinger Patties have a battered layer outside that gets crispy once fried. The patty needs to be deep-fried; the timing and temperature are mentioned on the pack. Following the instructions will get you the right kind of cook, with a crunchy outside and soft, juicy chicken inside.

The zinger burger is one of the most regularly consumed kinds of burgers. Appreciated by people of all ages; this makes the Simply Sufi Zinger Patties great to have on hand.

Price List

Model Price
Simply Sufi Seekh Kabab 205 grams Rs. 430
Simply Sufi Xinger Patties 550 grams Rs. 1,120
Simply Sufi Burger Patties 1 Kg Rs. 1,265
Simply Sufi Plain Paratha 1600 grams Rs. 820
Simply Sufi Space Nuggets 800 grams Rs. 1,035
Simply Sufi Chicken Poppers 780 Grams Rs. 1,080
Simply Sufi Chicken Tenders 675 grams Rs. 1,110
Simply Sufi Boneless Handi 500 grams Rs. 506
Simply Sufi Reshmi Tikka 515 grams Rs. 1,030
Simply Sufi Chicken Nuggets 1000 grams Rs. 1,150
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