Sinbo Air Humidifier Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Sinbo Air Humidifier in Pakistan is Rs. 4,976 and estimated average price is Rs. 7,043.


An air humidifier from Sinbo can make your room's atmosphere better, especially during the colder, drier months by adding humidity to it. These air humidifiers are available for lower-end prices.


Sinbo produces air humidifiers that can help you maintain the atmosphere of your indoor space better. This is especially true for winter months that are dry and when one also has the heater on, which dries the person's skin even more. 

To help with reducing irritation the Sinbo air humidifier can be used during these times of the year.

There is also a degree of moisture in the air, this makes breathing easier. In case one has breathing issues an air humidifier can also help maintain this for such people.

The Sinbo air humidifiers are available for nominal prices.

Price List

Model Price
Sinbo Air Humidifier (SAH-6107) Rs. 4,976
Sinbo Air Humidifier Sah-6107 Rs. 6,850
Sinbo Ultrasonic Air Humidifier (SAH-6107) Rs. 9,499
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