Sinbo Chopper Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Sinbo Chopper in Pakistan is Rs. 1,899 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,311.


A quick way to get your chopping done in the kitchen is to get one of the Sinbo Choppers. There are different models, but the basic functions are the same. Different attachments let you get varying gradients in how fine you want your chopping to be.


The Sinbo Choppers are helpful with getting your chopping done without too much hassle.

There are different attachments that let you get the right kind of chop you are looking for. If you want a chunkier chop for something like a casserole or pie you can get that, or if you want a fine chop to add to pasta, that is also possible.

Different speed settings on the Sinbo Choppers would make it even more versatile to get the exact kind of chop. The feeding tube allows one to push food into the slicing disks. A safety lock system ensures the chopper only operates when the top is properly set into the motor.

A Sinbo Chopper would be even more useful for people who have larger quantities to cook with big families or in restaurants.

The parts are dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean as well.

Price List

Model Price
White Chopper By Sinbo Rs. 2,475
Sinbo Chopper Shaker Shb-3039 Rs. 12,805
Sinbo Chopper Shb-3041 Rs. 10,195
Sinbo Chopper STO-6525 Rs. 1,899
Sinbo Food Chopper White Meat Mincer Rs. 4,185
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