Sinbo Premium Hand Blender Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Sinbo Premium Hand Blender in Pakistan is Rs. 4,022 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,022.


A great help in the kitchen, a Sinbo Premium Hand Blender can get tasks done a lot faster and with way less hassle. These include things such as making sauces, mixing ingredients, whisking and churning.


If you need to whisk things, mix or churn a Sinbo Premium Hand Blender can help you with these tasks.

Made with a design that is easy to use and multiple speeds so you can choose the right speed for whatever task you are undertaking. The Sinbo Premium Hand Blenders have a metal neck with the blades at the end, this lets you even dip it into hot liquids such as soup.

If you like making sauces and dips, this hand blender can make those tasks easy as well. Whisking eggs would take seconds and in case you like to make whipped cream or churn butter that is also possible.

The size lets you insert the Sinbo Premium Hand Blender into smaller containers and glasses even. There is a guard over the blades so the ingredients don't come flying out.

Price List

Model Price
Sinbo Premium Hand Mixer (SHB-2710B) Rs. 4,022
Sinbo Premium Hand Mixer (SHB-2710R) Rs. 4,022
Sinbo Premium Hand Mixer (SHB-2710W) Rs. 4,022
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