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A helpful appliance for anyone who needs to cook lots of white rice. The Sinbo Rice Cooker will get it right each time, making sure your rice doesn't get ruined while you are distracted with other kitchen work.


The Sinbo Rice Cooker is a great way to get your white rice done right each time.

Made with markings for how much water different quantities of rice need so the cooker can ensure the rice isn't under or overdone. You can add the rice and water, push the button down and go about getting your other food items ready while the rice is done.

There is a function in the Sinbo Rice Cookers that keeps the rice warm once it is cooked. This is great in case your other food is still getting ready or if you want to keep serving fresh hot rice over the course of the meal.

The transparent lid on top means you can also keep an eye on the rice in case you want to.

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