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The best price of Ajrak in Pakistan is Rs. 250 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,896.


The unique and beautiful ajrak print is an ancient art of fabric dyeing from Sindh province. Though the dyeing proces is long and tedious, the price of Sindhi ajrak in Pakistan is affordable for most. On our website, you can buy from a wide collection of sjrak printed shawls, dresses, dupattas, t-shirts, bed sheets, mugs, jackets, pillow and cushion covers etc.


The word Ajrak has been derived from the Arabic word Azrak meaning blue. It was given the name ajrak probably because it uses indigo as the key dye which is a blue organic compound. Ajrak's existence in ancient times is evident from the poetic masterpiece "Shah Jo Risalo" of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, who was the most celebrated Sindhi Sufi saint and mystic poet of all time. 

Sindhi Topi & Ajrak Day

The centuries-old culture of Sindh finds its roots in one of the oldest civilizations of the world, the Indus Valley Civilization. Sindhi people are proud of their rich culture and celebrate the Sindhi Culture Day, also known as the Sindhi Topi and Ajrak Day on 1st Sunday of December every year. The day is celebrated amongst Sindhis in Pakistan and India as well as the Sindhi diaspora around the world. On the day of the event, Sindhi people indulge in festivities as well as singing and dancing to Sindhi songs. They also adorn the ajrak and Topi as a token of respect to their rich culture and as a symbol of solidarity and honour. 

Ajrak Pattern

The Ajrak is a unique block printed cotton cloth that includes symmetrical geometric and floral patterns on a rich red, crimson and indigo base. It has small white and black motifs or unprinted spaces scattered throughout the cloth to give definition to the patterns. The fabric commonly used is high-quality cotton that is smooth and supple like silk. Ajrak making is a complex process that requires 21 stages from start to end and over 40 days to complete. All the dying and printing is done by hand and the cloth is resist-dyed with natural dyes such as madder and indigo. The result is a sparklingly clean ajrak, jewel-like and rich in appearance. 

Sindhi Ajrak Dresses & Shawls

Ajrak shawl is worn by both men and women. While men may wear a Sindhi topi and a simple white kurta shalwar with the ajrak shawl or turban, women have a variety of options. The most common is crimson-maroon Sindhi ajrak dress for women that includes an ajrak printed Kurti and shawl which can be paired with a crisp white shalwar or trousers. 

Sindhi Ajrak Printed Items

The popularity of this unique pattern has garnered global attention and people love to drape ajrak shawls regardless of being Sindhi. Bedsheets, curtains and cushions made out of ajrak prints are quite common in Pakistani households especially when the homemakers want to give an ethnic touch to the home decor. Some even get the ajrak pattern imprinted on their favourite clothing item or home decor accessory. The Warehouse is a popular online store in Pakistan that sells Sindhi Ajrak printed mugs, shirts, stoles, scarves, hoodies, jackets, notebooks, keychains, t-shirts. mobile covers etc.

Prestigious Award/Gift

Traditionally, the Muslim Sindhi rulers awarded Sidhi ajrak to their courtiers in recognition of their outstanding services rendered. Even today it is deemed a symbol of respect and recognition and is customarily gifted to honourable guests. 

Price List

Model Price
Black & White Linen Sindhi Ajrak Rs. 1,250
Pack of 2 - Multicolor Silk Based Ajrak Rs. 750
Neel Blue Multani / Saraiki Ajrak / Chaddar / Sha… Rs. 549
ajrak cotton suit Rs. 1,800
Sindhi Nagina / Zircon / Heera Sindhi Cap / Topi … Rs. 3,000
Ajrak 2Piece Suit Rs. 2,309
Ajrak Collage – Bomber Jacket Rs. 2,999
Yaqoobi Tando Adam / Zardari Sindhi Cap / Topi (H… Rs. 5,999
Golden Rumali Sindhi Cap or Topi MKC-950 Rs. 4,500
AJRAK FUNK (BB8298) Rs. 3,120
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