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The best price of Singer in Pakistan is Rs. 16,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 23,076.


A brand that is generally known for its sewing machines, although Singer produces other items as well. In Pakistan one can find singer sewing machines, geysers, washing machines and refrigerators. The quality is good and the prices are affordable. With most of them being in the mid-ranges.


The Singer brand

A brand that is known the world over. Even in Pakistan, it is the most common brand of sewing machines. Originating in the USA, Singer was started in 1851 by Isaac M. Singer with New York lawyer and investor Edward C. Clark. Today it is owned by SVP Worldwide which owns 3 brands, Singer, Husqvarna Viking, and Pfaff.

In Pakistan Singer has sewing machines, geysers, washing machines and refrigerators.

Singer sewing machine options

Singer sewing machines have multiple models. One can find the standard older style in black with gold paint on it. The newer versions have a white or grey shell made from plastic. These also have more types of stitching modes as they are computerised. Singer sewing machines are known for being reliable and performing well.

Picking one depends on what all kinds of work you may need it to do for you, like the material you need to stitch or what kinds of stitches you would need and how portable you want it to be. The prices of Singer sewing machines depend on the model, the prices are generally lower to mid-range.

Singer geysers

The differences between the models is about how much water they can store. There is either a 30 gallon version or one that can store 35 gallons. Other features are essentially similar.

Singer geysers have imported thermostats from the Robertshaw brand, one of the original modern thermostat inventors. The outside has a rust-free metal coating so weather does not destroy your geyser. The geysers are also designed to be gas-saving so one's bill is not too high. With a thermal efficiency of 60.60%, keeping the water warm for a decent amount of time in storage.

Singer's geyser range is certified by the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority, which is under the Ministry of Science.

Singer washing machines

The brand has two models of washing machines on their website. The main difference is in size, with one being called the Single Tub and the other is the Double Tub. Both the washing machines are made from a plastic body so they are anti-shock. With a turbojet waterfall, double water inlets and powerful gear motors for improved cleaning.

The Single Tub doesn't feature the spin dryer, so if that is a need you may want to opt for the Double Tub.

Singer refrigerators

This segment from Singer has a few more options in size, though the colours are limited to black or blue. The sizes range from 385 litres on the high side to 202 litres on the low side. Most of these refrigerators have grid shelves, but some few models have glass shelves. They all make use of R-134a for the refrigerant and have copper condensers.

The size differences make the wattage vary by a slight margin between the models.


Overall the Singer product range is succinct, but with enough options for one to find what they are looking for.

The prices of their products are in the mid ranges, making them affordable for more people.

Price List

Model Price
Singer Instant Water Heater SIWH-10 LPG White 10L… Rs. 21,299
Singer Water Heater 30 Gallon – SG-30 IST Rs. 27,000
SINGER Air Cooler Easy Breezy SB-7000 (56 Ltrs) Rs. 18,963
Singer 75TT Twin Tub Semi Automatic Washer White … Rs. 16,500
Singer Instant Water Heater Natural Gas White 6Ltr Rs. 17,499
Singer SEWH-15 Instant Electric Geyser White Rs. 27,500
Singer 120ST Single Tub Semi Automatic Washer Gre… Rs. 19,500
SINGER Geyser Iron Auto Ignition SWHAI-35 Golden … Rs. 32,500
Singer Sturdious Water Heater -SWH-35 Rs. 31,000
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