Singer Geyser Price in Pakistan

Compare 3 prices from 2 stores. The best price of Singer Geyser in Pakistan is Rs. 27,500 and the estimated average price is Rs. 31,300.


The Singer brand produces geysers in Pakistan. There is a limited variety, with the difference being the amount of water their geysers can store. Made with safety features, a high level of efficiency and gas-saving. The Singer geyser range is available for mid-range prices.


Generally, Singer is known for their sewing machines but the brand also produces other items, this includes geysers. The Singer brand is furnished by Waves in Pakistan.

Singer geysers

In the geyser range Singer has a limited catalogue. There are only the older form of geysers, the ones that heat water and store it. Although older, this kind does have an advantage in Pakistan as gas can be short in winters. In this instance, an instant geyser won't function at all, but a storage variant will have some water there for you to use.

Differences in the models are between how much water they are able to store. There is the option for either 30 gallons or 35 gallons. Aside from this, the geysers are mostly similar in features.

The thermostat used by Singer for their geysers is imported and is from the Robertshaw brand. There is a coating on the outside of the geyser that makes them rust-free and protects from harsh weather. There is high thermal efficiency at 60.60% keeping the water inside warm for longer time periods. These geysers are also built to be more efficient with the gas usage so the gas bill is not too much.

The Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority, which comes under the Ministry of Science, certifies Singer geysers.


The prices of Singer geysers are in the mid ranges, making them relatively affordable.

Price List

Model Price
Singer SEWH-15 Instant Electric Geyser White Rs. 27,500
SINGER Geyser Auto Ignition SWHAI-18 (18 Gallon) Rs. 29,900
Singer Sturdious Water Heater -SWH-35 Rs. 36,500
Hassan Gilani
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Compare 3 prices from 2 stores.


Rs. 27500 - Rs. 36500